ManRub is a veteran owned company conceived in 2001 as a funny joke that turned into a true passion. 


3 guys bbqing at a 4th of July party for some friends turned into years of dreaming, thinking, wishing and finally doing. Now ManRub has a personality all it’s own and is evolving with every rub. Built on fantastic rubs, American pride and customer involvement, ManRub is turning the tides on the rub industry by adding a side of entertainment. 


Our three man founding team is proud of the service and dedication of our military member.

Aaron: I graduated high school in a northern Midwest town. I joined the United States Marine Corps right after high school graduation. I attended and graduated Boot Camp at Marine Recruit Depot San Diego. During my time in the Marine Corps I did a number of deployments. One six month deployment on a Westpac, the other a 9 month tour of duty in Desert Shield, Desert Storm.  

I was honorably discharged. Went to school to get my Associates, Bachelors and Graduate degrees. 

In 1993 I was hired in the field of law enforcement and retired after 29 years on the job as a lieutenant with the San Diego police force. 

For me, ManRub is about having a damn good time bbq’ing with a damn good rub. Bbq is my new passion and spreading the joy of cooking thru an exemplary product is my new mission. I love the business and the smiles and happiness it brings.  

A Strive For Excellence

We are committed not only to bringing you the best BBQ rubs available but also partnering with the best Pit-masters around the globe and sharing their recipes.